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How can I help my child read?
What should I do when working with my child’s teacher? 
What should I know about special education? 
How can I support my child learning reading? 

A few years ago I began to think about all of the questions I had answered for those not inside of education.
One question came to mind over and over again-where do people turn for answers if they don’t know someone inside of the education profession?
Where do regular people turn for information related to early reading, early math, homework, dealing with teachers, etc.? 

 This series of short e-books is designed to provide no-nonsense information from an insider’s viewpoint. My goal is to present parents with information that will support all aspects of a child’s schooling.

 I hope you enjoy these e-books. Look for others containing information about everything related to public education.  - Richard Schroeder -

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